26 january 2019
"January One"
When Christmas rush is over, ginger cookies are eaten and decorations are taken back into the boxes, it is time for Kill Team Tournament.
Allowed Expansions
Tournament will be held with Commanders expansion . All other Kill Team expansions that will be released to the game by time when tournament will take place are also allowed.

For example Blackstone Fortress miniatures or starter boxes stratagems.
Number of participants
At least 20 players will participate in tournament.
Time, location
Tournament will take place on 26th January, Saturday at 12:00 (Kiev)
Roster enrollment
Send Rosters (or your questions) to nnshastalov@gmail.com or to https://www.facebook.com/shastalov in Facebook, it must be readable and clear, so we can understand them. Deadline to present you roster is 19th January. All rosters will be published on 20th of January.
Tournament agenda (brief description)
Tournament will be separated in 4 tours. Between them there is 10 minute rest and after 2nd will be grand pause of 30 minutes. Each tour takes 90 minutes.
Opponents in the 1st round are chosen randomly. Opponents in the 2nd and following tours are chosen by their results.
Participation cost is 10 euro. This money is rent, terrain, printed materials (maps, missions, etc.s and such), coffee, fields, rewards. You can pay by cash, or card transfer.
Un-painted miniatures are allowed. We hope on your conscience.
We have a friendly tournament. So while WYSIWYG is prefered, some small obvious proxy is allowed. But your opponent may ask you to remove proxy from the table.
Points cost
Rosters are 200pts max with Commanders expansion rules.
What to prepare
Every participant can submit up to 2 Rosters. Even rosters of different factions. You choose your Roster before the battle, depending on map, mission and opponent's roster.
Victory points
"Big points"
For each battle you score "Big points":
Victory — 2 points
Draw — 1 point
Defeat — 0 points
"Small points"
"Small points" are scored during the battle by doing secondary missions or holding objectives or kills.
Tournament table
Your place in tournament table is determined by your number of big points. If 2 players have the same number of big points, their position is determined by small points.
How to score small points, part 1
Small points (from now SP) are scored by holding objectives. Each objective gives you 2 points per turn, if mission description doesn't state otherwise. Player can not score more than 18 point for holding objectives in every mission. So for example if you're already held 3 objectives for 3 rounds at the end of round 4 you will not score more points for holding objectives. Instead you have to find other ways to score small points.
How to score small points, part 2
Each enemy model killed by your commander gives you 1 SP. If your opponents roster was 2 or more times bigger than yours at the start of the game, you score 2 small points for kills made by your commander instead.
How to score SP, part 3
SPs are scored for completing secondary missions. For more details, cCheck the "Secondary Objectives and Missions" below.
If your roster is assembled of only fully painted models, which means 3+ colors, and your opponent has at least one un-painted, you gain 1SP at the start of 1st battle round.
Missions and secondary objectives
All tournament participants play the same mission. Mission is changed every tour. Missions in all 4 tours are based on "hold the objectives" theme. Missions will be published by 12th of January. Here's the link to see an example.
Scouting phase, additional rules, heights
Scouting phase and additional rules will not be used, models can climb to any height.
Start the battle
Before the start of battle, players announce their Rosters simultaneously, then do a roll-off (throw d6).
Secondary missions
Secondary missions are the same for all players. There will be 10 secondary missions. Each is in sole variant.

Before the battle starts players openly choose the objectives, the person who won roll-off begins to choose first.

You can't steal secondaries from your rivals, lol.

Secondary missions will be published by 12th of January, examples are available by this link.
Number of secondary missions
Each player can have 3 of them.

If your enemy has 2+ times more models than you, you can have 4 secondary missions. If opponent has 3+ times more models than you, you can have 5 secondary objectives.
Please make your Rosters readable for us :) Also include your phone number or any other way to quickly contact you. For example Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and such.
Asking questions
Organizer of tournament is Nikolay, ask him any questions in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shastalov or Telegram @Pakariok.
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