Kill Team is Friendship
Tournament report, Kiev, November 17

Last Saturday, November 17, a Kill Team tournament was held.

It was a fun and gave us unexpected results. I would like to to tell briefly about this event.

To begin with, I want to note that, as an organizer, I tried my best to focus on the friendliness and "lack of worthiness" of the tournament. I wanted a soft and calm atmosphere. Well, the tournament itself was called "Kill Team is friendship."

The event was free, the club Hobby Games kindly provided us with their premises and generally helped in every way. Thanks to them.
A comrade has visited me during the event.

He had participated dozens of Warhammer tournaments as well as other wargames / skirmishes.

He said that usually during such events people are definitely worried and a metaphoric smell of sweat fills the air. I don't know if this is true but that's how it looked this time
Now that I have written all the most important details, you can already turn to the roasters, games, and everything else.
One of my favourite shots from that event.
Each participant of the tournament could claim 2 standard rosters of 100 points. After recognizing his mission, table and opponent, he could choose a roster to play with.

Missions were taken from the Nova Open tournament and were balanced by the GW themselves.
This is one of the two handouts at the tournament. The secondary objectives were described on the second one.

During the entire tournament, only 1 person has indicated that there is a typo in the title.

The rest tactfully refrained from commenting, I am sure, that is precisely the point.
4 rounds, each an hour and a half. The first break was 30 minutes, and then 10 minutes further.

19 people claimed to take part at the tournament and I was looking forward to how I would play the role of a proxybot. I wanted to come as tau and death guard.

The missions were to control the points and the roasters with a large number of models had an advantage, and therefore I expected to put on the field only 4 "living" tau and 10 drones, to spam them across the field.

But later it turned out that 3 people could not come and the total number of participants became even and I had no need to be a proxybot.
For some reason I liked this table the most. Sadly, I never had to play on it. Another 6 photos of other tables can be viewed at the link:

The tournament was attended by such factions:

Adeptus Astartes - 5 players
Deathwatch - 3 players
AdMech - 3 players
Astra Militarum - 2 players
Death Guard - 1 players
Ork - 1 player
Necron - 1 player

Well, dear reader, at this point try to guess who took the first and who took the 2nd and 3rd places. Heh.

Who do you think about? Don't forget your choice. It will be interesting to find out if you were right.

Eldars, Harlequins and Genocult were supposed to come, but these players were among those 3 who didn't :(

As you can see, our "local meta" is based mainly on the guys in 3+ saves, but I suppose this will change soon.
Due to our local preferences, most matches looked like this.
The most interesting match of the first round in my opinion was a pair of Orc vs. Deathwatch.

I had tried to play as the orks against this faction and sucked up dramatically. Frag canons perform incredible things with orcs. Moreover, Deathwatch player was experienced and knew the game very well, so I mentally buried the orks before the start of the fight.

What was my surprise when the ork won the game with a score of 11-10 and having the only one gretchin survivor on the field? It was wonderful.

At other tables, AdMech were suffering defeat after defeat, space marines were dominating space marines. Necrons were hitting themselves with the deathwatch.
Beautiful color.

It reminds me Yalta during the middle autumn.

i don't know why.
Starting from the second round, the pairs were already selected by the points.

The ultramarines player named Constantine already had a second round to play against girls. And if in the first round his rocket launchers with an auspex had annihilated the Katie's Blood Angels, in the second round he played a draw against Olia's Deathwatch.

A real stir has been created near their table. The viewers gathered around were cheering for Olya, I felt a little sorry for Constantine at that moment. Here's the gender inequality.

Well, there was a dispute at the next table about the Cloud of Flies stratagem. The Death Guard player interpreted the rule as follows: you cast a Cloud of Flies on a model and the enemy MUST shoot this unit if it is the closest one. The stratagem wording had been made ambiguously and it could have being interpreted incorrectly.

I could not find an official explanation for why this had to be used in other way and could not convince the player. He decided to leave the tournament on principle.

I was sorry, but as a judge I could not make concessions. However, his opinion may be understood.
To me it looks like a scene from some shooter (CoD? BF?) or action movie about the war in Iraq
During the third round, I was able to play as a proxybot instead of the player who had left. It turned out that I had forgotten all the drones at home and therefore I played as the Death Guard. It was even more fair: one Death Guard leaves, another Death Guard comes.

My dices were constantly showing me 6-s, I had never been so lucky and I have obtained everything I needed.
By the end of 3 battle rounds, my opponent (unorthodox Deathwatch, with only a shotgun and an infernus heavy bolter special weapons, which allowed him to lead as many as 6 models on the table) only 1 model remained on the field.
I earned the maximum amount of points during this game and had mixed feelings: on the one hand, I am not a full participant in the tournament and should not steal points from others, on the other hand - winning is pleasant.

The third round ended intriguingly.

Firstly, it was clear that Artem, a player on Necrons can easily get into the top three, which is unexpected, considering that in our campaign (btw, we have a campaign here), Necrons are beaten in 9 cases out of 10.

Secondly, in the next final round, the Ork and the Astra Militarum will fight for 1st place! All these marines and Deathwatches, watered with AdMechs, have been spread through standings from 4 place and lower.
Who is fighting here?
During the last round I had a chance to play with AdMehs of Dmitry.

As I understand, he is the only person in the tournament who took the opportunity to have roasters of different factions. He came AdMech and Space Marinas, in the second round he decided to play the SM and lost. By the way, his space marines are painted in salamanders and he played against the orc, I remember, I went to their table, and everything was green and it took me some time to distinguish the models - orks and salamander astartes.

Dmitry has won the other 2 games, if I remember correctly,.

We started strangely. It seemed that he unexpectedly boldly was removing me from the table - I passed only FnP throw for the poxwalker, but my combat specialist is a specialist with flail of corruption, Has charged three of his skitari and didn't kill anyone, furthermore, he has been flesh wounded.

But at the same time, I was better at holding the points - by the beginning of the 4th round the score was about 8: 4 in my favor.

During the last round, he made some good moves, ran one of the skitari across the table in my deployment, which allowed him to complete the mission and sketched the right amount of fives with the same skitari, killing my plague marine holding the objective. It was a draw. Ai, what a pitty.

The battles in another room (the tables were in 3 halls) were tense.

At one of the tables the girls were battling (Blood Angels defeated Dethwatch), other table faced the Astra Militarum boys who were burning Ork nobs with their flamers and meltagun.
The thin red line of guardsmen charging through the valley of death
As Ivan told us later, the only victory condition for the Astra Militrum was to play on the almost terrain-free tables, not overwhelmed with a ton of terrain features. Almost no one was ready to medium and long range exchanges of fire while the Astra Militarum was.

The Guard had an original and definitely the coolest roster, tremendous respect to both Ivan (who won the tournament) and Sergey (6th place), who inspired to use this roster.

By the way, here it is:

Leader - Sergeant, Chainsword, Plasma Pistol
Heavy - Scion, hot-shot voleygun
Veteran - Scion, Meltagun
Sniper - Scion - Plasmagun
Scion, hot shot volley gun
Guardsman, lasgun x5
Guardsman, flamer x 2
Successful Necrons
Results of the tournament as a whole:

1. Astra Militarum - Ivan Shved
2. Orl - Ilya
3. Necrons - Artem Varakin
4. Adeptus Astartes - Constantine Tauchelov
5. Adeptus Astartes (Blood Angels, this is important!) - Katya
6. Dethwatch - Sergey Buzhak
7. Death Guard - Kyril / Me, the proxybot
8. AdMechs / Adeptus Astartes - Dmitry Vavrischuk
9. Deathwatch / AdMechs - Olya / Alexander Samelyuk (the same number of points)
10. Adeptus Astartes - Andrew. The youngest participant in the tournament
11. Astra Militarum - Yuri Zubritsky
12. AdMechs - Paul Rudnitsky
13. Dethwatch - Alexander Kaczynski.

With those who stayed after the tournament, we had mad afterparty at the pizzeria on the opposite side of the street.
By the way!

The next tournament will take place at the end of January. Commanders included!

We will be glad to meet with the old comrades and find new ones. Kiev is cheap city with friendly people and great food.

If you are interested in participation, write me in the mail or telegram @pakariok or facebook.

In general, I really hope that Kill Team will develop both here and around the world.
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