Pathfinder 5x5 PvP report 2
This time the confrontation was quite equal.

Until now we have been setting the terrain ourselves, using toy blocks for it. But this time we took advantage of the services provided by the terrain expert, and here is what he did.
It should be pointed out that it was the first time when the central objective wasn't placed in open space to be in plain sight from any side of the table. Instead, it was located inside a small enclosed church:

As well, we were excited by the perspective of climbing up on these houses. When you lift their roofs up, you can see miniature ladders inside. So cute.

The terrain expert turned out to be a really involved guy. He volunteered to put down the initiative on a whiteboard which really came in handy.

Also, he came up with the names for out characters.

Here are my favourites: Mukhlia the Druid, Bertold the Mesmerist and ofcourse Petrukha the Psychic.
This is my party for this game, from left to right:

- Medium lvl 8. He is my pride. No one else creates Mediums.

- Vigilante 7 / Bloodrager 1. My pride #2. No one else creates Vigilantes.

- The archer Paladin. Nothing to be proud of. A cheap solution.

- A Hunter with the variant multiclassing in Barbarian and his large wolf Animal Companion.

- A Dwarf Druid. I'm also proud of him, he has pretty unusual archetypes and domains rarely taken by people. Stormdruid and Clouds.

And here is the squad of Olya, my opponent:

- A Gnome Cleric. We really liked him, and he is actually very good, but this time there was little use of him.

- A Kitsune Mesmerist. He was the main reason I lost the previous game.

- A Paladin

- A Warpriest

- A Psychic. An original decision as well. There is only one psychic among the League, and it's him.

This is our positioning before the battle. As you can see, my opponent decided to stand closer to the bottom edge while I stretched out along my side. The reason of such positioning is clear: her objectives - the blue and the yellow - are at the bottom, and my objectives - the violet and the other one you can't see - are below and on the other side.
We rolled capture prerequisites and abilities for the objectives, put down the initiative, drawn the missions. Okay, now we can start.
This time I decided to play aggressively, so I placed one of my objectives closer to the enemy's side.

During the first round only one of my characters managed to reach an objective, but he captured it successfully.

Then there was Olya's turn, and she noticed that my farthest objective (the orange one) can be seen right from her deployment zone - from the far corner of the table. We checked - it turned out to be true.

My druid, who would capture and hold this objective a bit later, was obliged to hide out thoroughly behind the wall.

By the way, during the round of pre-buffs, one of my characters failed Use Magic Device check and had to go without a valuable buff, even though he had +17 for UMD.

The mesmerist reached the yellow objective and put himself behind cover.

First of all, there he gains bonus to AC from cover. Secondly, through the windows of the church in the middle he can see what's going on inside and cast some filthy spells (the only type of spells he knows) on those who would try to stand on the central objective.

As well, he could do harm to my druid, but, as I said before, he hid himself out.

In response to danger, I casted AoE spells (Ash Storm) on my opponent. Our terrain expert volunteered to help here as well, so he was drawing the spells.

It gave us time to think over our next steps more thoroughly.

In my opinion, this confrontation was way more tough than the previous ones.
During the first round we were mainly running to our objectives - I came closer to the enemy's side while Olya took positions behind covers. We were capturing the points and preparing for the fight that would start later.

My opponent captured 2 objectives and completed a mission - 5 points. I captured one point and completed a mission - 1d2 points, so it's 3 points in total.

Well, it's the beginning of the game, and I'm falling behind again. Again.
The second round began. There was a moment when several characters from both parties gathered near the central objective.

We were fighting for it until the end of the game, neither of us holding the point longer than one round. And this was cool.

After the game our terrain specialist would say that it was a great idea to place an objective in a closed house and that it was worth breaking the rule which says that the middle should be left uncovered (yes, we do have such a rule).

It seems that indeed it was worth it. Still, I think this approach would not be equally fair towards both of the teams in some games.

Inside this house a melee encounter took place for the first time: the enemy's paladin provoked an attack of opportunity from me :3

Both of my archers came close to the enemy, took an advantageous position in order to make the next round a five-foot step and a series of deadly attacks to win the game.

For example, I can focus the enemy's Warpriest who is standing on the point and can't properly move away from it, poor man.
We had plenty of time, it was a friendly play and a timer wasn't ticking.

Olya thought thoroughly over everything and consulted with the terrain specialist - he was eager to help both the sides.

As a result, she made several good moves which deprived me of the possibility to damage her properly for a couple of the next rounds.

Besides, it is very important to decide before the game whether it will be a friendly play or not. Sure, I am for the first variant.
Olya and the terrain specialist are finding a way out of the situation. (no Eng)

This round was a success for me. I completed a mission, captured one more objective, fought the middle off from Olya and made he defend herself.

I got ahead her on points.
During this round Olya got 2 points and I got 7. Finally.
The beginning of the third round was strange to me. In the photos above as well as this one you can see that the church in the middle can be entered through the windows. We have decided that the entrance through the window costs 2 squares of movement and a strength check, difficulty 12 - in order to break the glass.

At the beginning of this round I pulled a mission to deal elemental damage to two opponent's characters in the same round. Druid is the only one who can deal elemental damage in my party. I took a decision to break into the church and to cast a lightning spell. However, I didn't pass the strength check an kept staying near the window )))00)))

My archers, having seen the protective measures taken by Olya the previous round, thought that it was pointless to remain there and went away. I decided to send the wolf forward so that he could sink his teeth into the warpriest. It was 5 on the die)))0))

While playing in the club, I was kind of "broadcasting" our game in the group chat of our League, describing briefly the situation on the table.

At some point I typed that I made a full attack, but hit only once, dealing 58 points of damage.

Since we do not know the details of each other's roster, everyone wondered how is it possible to deal this damage without rolling a crit.

I like the atmosphere in the chat of the League.

And, if we are talking about the League…

There is one advantage of PvP Pathfinder over the usual one. The system has lots of support options, be we rarely see them on the table, and if there are ones, they are present in a small amount, because everyone around us wants to damage, and not to provide +2 to saves.

The same can be said about the combinations of teamwork feats.

During PvP you are thinking not as a separate character, but as a team, so the process of character creation is completely different. It is more profound.
The round ended in this way: Olya is holding 2 objectives and has completed a mission where her caster had to strike someone in melee - guess who did she strike? Yes, she stroke my wolf who came to her by himself just to do nothing. It turns out that I also gave her points. I am holding 1 objective (the druid ran away from the second one, and Olya fought the middle back), and I've completed some mission as well. Olya got ahead once again, and now she is in advance of me just for one point. Our chances are equal!
Finally, the last rounds of the game. We have scored an equal number of points so far and everyone of us wants to win. Moreover, I haven't shot down anyone yet. Not as planned.

I've got two missions.

The first one is to set an objective in some random place and to score 2 points for it. The objective turns out to be just in the opponent's deployment zone. One of my characters reached it, and I gained 2 points!

The second mission is: "At the end of a round 2 of my characters should be in the opponent's deployment zone."

Seems to be easily combined with the mission above, isn't it? Points for free.

However, there is some little issue: it was really annoying that I couldn't bypass the AC of the opponent's characters, so I used the ability of one of the objectives "remove all the buffs from everyone in the field". Now I can bypass her AC... , but I'm not under Haste anymore. In addition, there is no point in damaging anyone, every point is important. So, I make a couple of good moves about which I will tell stories to my grandchildren, and, as a result, my paladin reaches her deployment zone.

As you can see, my paladin had to walk a great distance. I couldn't go without Haste.
It's almost the end. Everything gets overdramatic.

Imagine the situation: all the characters had already made their moves and completed all the possible missions. There were 3 characters left to take actions. 2 of them are mine - the druid and the vigilante; the last character is the opponent's paladin. All three of them are holding the middle.
My characters are in the majority, so the objective will bring points to me at the end of this round, so I'm already anticipating victory. But a spell was cast on the vigilante back in the first round, and its effect would manifest in the 5th round, that is now.
The vigilante rolls the saving throw and it's 1 on a die! 1! I tried to get the most out of it and almost reached 27! 27 from 1, Carl! I was really proud of myself. But it was not enough, the difficulty was 28, and the vigilante dies (Olya scores a point), and the middle is held by one character from each team, so the objective doesn't bring points to anyone.
Olya takes the decision to push my druid away from the objective with her paladin, and rolls 1 on a die. She uses a reroll, but it's 1 on a die again. The druid remained where he was standing.

We calculate the points, it's 23:22. Olya won once again.

Author of this report
Sinks his sadness in a cup of milk
Two interesting facts:
  1. There were 2 paladins in the game, but neither of them declared smite evil.
  2. There were no arcane casters.

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