Pathfinder PvP
A report / instruction with pictures
Step 1
Firstly we spread the battle mat out on the table, not forgetting to mark the squares with letters and numbers around the perimeter.
We will need these marks to write down the position of hiding or invisible characters (or for some other purposes).

Then we set up the objects on the table which we use today instead of terrain. However, if you've got some cool genuine terrain, that's even better.

While setting up the objects, there are only two things that have to be taken into account:

1. About half of the covers should protect from the long sides of the table, and another half from the short sides.

2. As well, three central lines between the short sides of the table should be left uncovered, the central objective has to be in plain sight for both sides.
It's good to have interesting terrain. For example, the one to climb on or into, or to hide under.

But it is important not to go too far with things that completely cover the character.

We put a house on the table once. A wizard hid himself in it and shot the opponents down with fireballs through the window, falling to the ground and hiding out in total cover after each fireball. Effect was devastating.

Step 2
After the placement you have to determine somehow who chooses the side of the table.

You have to be honest while arranging the table with your opponent, since you cannot predict which side will be yours.

We went for a proven method - "Rock-paper-scissors". I won!

If someone of you has a Shadowdancer, a caster with the Shadowstep or characters with any options that require a shadow, then on this stage you also have to define which side of the objects on the table cast a shadow. This is defined by rolling d8. We had no such characters, so we skipped it.

The one who won and chooses the side of the table, starts to place his/her characters first, no further than three squares from his/her edge. You should place the characters with your opponent by turns, but if it's not essential, you can do it simultaneously. We have chosen the last option.

By the way, here is my roster for today:
So the idea of the roster is clear, isn't it? Mmm? Any clues?

If not, then it will be clear later. Actually, all is very simple there.

Meanwhile, the roster of my opponent is the following:
We placed our characters on the field and rolled the initiative. Then we were ready to move to the next step.

Here is the picture for you to have the idea of the placement before the start.
As you can see, we both chose a careful tactic and placed our characters behind the cover.
Step 3
My favourite stage of preparation.

We place the objectives by turns, then we roll for each of them the prerequisite for capturing and the ability the objective can provide in case you capture it.

Objectives can be placed anywhere, but not closer than 10 squares to the nearest character and any other adjacent objective.

You score only one point each turn for holding your objectives while for holding the opponent's objective you score 2 points. So you should place the objectives in such a way that you could hold them easily, but it would be difficult for the opponent to reach them.

For example, it can be seen on the picture, that we both made a mistake when placing the objectives. We have the objectives that are placed closer than 10 squares to the central objective, so we had to rearrange them.
#1 and #2 are misplaces. We fixed it later
Now, when the objectives are on the table, it's time to roll the capture prerequisites (d10) and the abilities (d20), according to the spreadsheet.

We've got the following results:
The central objective got a cool ability which could be tactically used in some interesting way. Note that the character who holds the objective has to spend an immediate action to activate the ability of the objective.

Okay, let's move to the last step, and then the game will begin.
Step 4
Each team has a particular number of missions. For completing them you score points. At the beginning of each round you can discard the missions you do not like and replace them with the new ones.

As well, you draw the mission in place of the completed ones or the ones which are impossible to complete.

The number of missions per a team equals to the average Charisma + 1.

The missions are drawn secretly from the opponent, but some of them you have to read aloud.

I gained 3 missions while my opponent gained 5 missions. I do not know her missions, but my missions are the following:
The mission to deal 150 damage seemed quite feasible, but afterwards I realised that it was a mistake.

The mission to fight the central objective off is good, but not at the first turn when no one holds the objective yet. Bad luck.

The mission about the opponent's placement zone is good. You can be well-rewarded for the risk. You have the choice either to spend all the round running and put your characters in danger, or you can reach there step-by-step, doing something on your way. I chose the second option.

Well, and so the game starts!
Turn 1
My paladin Hood was the first to move. He delayed his move to the move of cleric Kovan (the one with the teleport). Unfortunately, the cleric is at the bottom of the list, so I'll have to wait for long.

The mesmerist went for capturing objective 4, but he didn't manage to reach it because he spent half of his move for a very valuable buff, but I didn't know for which one since my characters didn't see him, so they couldn't make the Spellcraft check to identify it.

Our bard was the next to move. He spent a move action to start a song, moved to the objective 1 with a standard action and tried to capture it, but
his roll wasn't good enough. This was only the beginning that day. By the way, capturing the objective is a free action.

Then there was the turn of the opponent's wizard with Phantasmal Killer, and it was not easy since you would like to get the most from each of his moves. So, he continued to stay behind the cover buffing himself)))00))

Then my ranger Robin took his turn. He delayed his move to be after the paladin. The ranger's animal companion flies to the objective that the bard didn't manage to capture and also tries to capture it.
What the f*ck is that?
The author of the report
Experiences frustration
I am truly sorry))000)
The eagle
Ranger Robin's animal companion
The attempts to capture the objectives continue. The opponent's Cleric runs to objective 2, but he also didn't manage to capture. Huh. Then my Vigilante runs to objective 3, but he didn't succeed as well! The difficulty is not high, but we are rolling awfully.

The Psychic interrupts this series of failures by capturing objective 2. There was also a standard action left, so he casts Slow on my Vigilante, DC 24.

I roll the saving throw, 16 is on the die, it wasn't enough. Luckily, the Vigilante has the ability that allows him to add 1d6 to a saving throw several times a day, I use it and it was just enough.


Finally, the moment for which I created this roster comes. The Cleric touches the Paladin with one hand, reaches the Ranger with the elbow of the other hand, and uses Dimension Door in order to teleport to the Mesmerist who stands on the objective, which he didn't manage to capture.
'Well, hello' said my archers to the mesmerist, all of the sudden emerging next to him.

They delayed their actions, so now it's their turn.

Firstly, paladin Hood announces Smite Evil and makes four shots with manyshot. He has +20 on attack rolls and +25 on damage. It's a certain death for the opponent, given the fact that this one doesn't seem to be especially armored or hardy.

All my attacks missed.

Unhappiness makes people vulnerable, incessant suffering unjust

Stefan Zweig

Some of my attacks missed because of the Mirror Image and Displacement spells, while the others attacks missed because of the awful rolls.

Nevertheless, now is my ranger's turn. He has +18 on attack rolls and +20 on damage rolls. I make 4 attacks with manyshot, and
All 8 shots of the characters, built specially for damage, missed. My plans were all screwed up by the horrible rolls.

The last one to take actions was the tank Paladin. He simply moves to the central objective and captures it. It's quite obvious that to pierce his armor is not an easy task, so I've decided not to waste my resources on him.

My opponent has captured 2 objectives: her own objective that brings 1 point and the central one that brings 3 points. It's 4 points in total.

I have done nothing, so I score 0 points.
Turn 2
At the beginning of each round you can change missions or draw the new missions instead of the completed ones.

I've made a decision to change 2 of them. Here is what I've got:
Generally, I've drawn good missions. I planned to overtake my opponent soon on the number of the objectives captured, and this mission made a great combo with the mission, where a new objective appears. What is more important, the new objective appeared just near my deployment.

The prerequisite for capturing the new objective came to be "access to divine magic". It's ability is "buffs are removed from everyone in the field".

What happened during this round.

My opponent casts a stunning AoE spell on three combatants of mine, who unsuccessfully deployed near her the previous round. Cleric and Ranger fail their saving throws, so now they skip the entire move. Paladin makes a try to do something, but misses all his shots once again. As well, he moves and captures the opponent's objective! Now it doesn't bring points to my rival! Woo-hoo!

The opponent's cleric moves to my new objective and captures it. Only two characters in my party have the ability to use divine magic - one of them is stunned, and the other is busy doing more important things. So the Vigilante who is standing 10 feet away from it can do nothing but observe his objectives being captured right under his nose. Besides, he tried to capture objective 3, but again unsuccessfully. After that, he entered stealth, and of course, it wasn't perfect.

New Objective
This shot is from near future. Olia's cleric is standing on MY close objective and as we can see it is situated in 10 feets from my Vigilante. Looks like free points for me.
'Well, does he see my boys at all?'
Paladin continues to stand in the center doing nothing - he cannot reach anyone. I do not want to spend my time and resources on him.

My opponent completed a mission "Not to use AoE spells for 2 rounds" and scored 1 point. After the game we realised that in fact she had used the AoE spell, so she hasn't completed the mission. Nevermind. 1 point is not game-changing in our situation all the same. As well, she holds the central objective and managed to capture the new objective, and this brings 4 points. It's 5 points in total.

On the opposite side, here is what I've scored: my bard finally managed to capture objective 1 on the second try, and this is 1 point.

The score is 9:1, not to my advantage. That's all right, it's only the second round out of four, I'm going to carry now.
Turn 3
Half of the game has already passed, and I'm seriously falling behind. Still, I've seen cool comebacks, so I do not lose heart.

Again, I change 2 missions.
There is only one way: to sweep the opponent off the table. If you totally kill the opposite team, it's an auto win 15:0.

In addition, everything is in the favor of my plan: her cleric is 10 feet away from my Vigilante, who, as well, has hidden, so he will add a sneak bonus to the damage. Her mesmerist is still staying close to my 3 characters, and their stunned condition will end at the beginning of the next round, and the mesmerist's Mirror Image copies have run out too. Her other characters seem soft and easily killable.

That was my plan.

My bard looked out of the cover and casted Hold Person on Psychic. Miracle. He failed his save!
But then he used his ability, rerolled the saving throw and passed it on the second try.
Holy crap, when will this come to an end!?
In response to such insolence, Wizard also looks out of the cover and casts Phantasmal Killer on my Cleric. I roll 3 on a saving throw, I fail, of course, and the Cleric dies.
You are celebrating a bit early. Look what is going to happen now!
The author of the report.
Feels resentment.
My Vigilante sneaks up to the enemy's Cleric, who is standing on the point which should have belonged to me.

Me: Roll perception on behalf of the cleric.

The opponent: I think there is no need in it. The cleric's perception is quite bad, and your stealth is certainly whopping.

Me: Still roll it.

The opponent: OK

The roll comes out to be excellent, and the cleric catches sight of my Vigilante. The Vigilante failed to take him by surprise, so there will be no sneak bonuses.

The Vigilante performs a full-round attack, and the cleric survives.

The Vigilante's special build allows him to move even after a five-foot step and a full attack, so he approached Paladin and Ranger and their company. Together with the Paladin, they take the opponent's objective from the mesmerist. At least something.

Paladin performs a full attack, and - unbelievable, just unbelievable, - almost every shot hits, so he deals 84 points of damage. The mesmerist is left with 1 HP…
Sorry, it was almost enough to bring me down)))00))))
My opponent
Paladin continues to stay in the middle, gaining his rightful 3 points.

During this round my opponent completed a mission - her psychic grappled my eagle (1 point) and killed my cleric (1 point). As well, she holds her own objective plus the central objective (4 points).

I captured the opponent's objective (2 points) and hold 1 of my own objectives (1 point). As well, I completed 2 missions - to finish my moves on three adjacent squares, and two of my characters have finished their moves in the opponent's deployment zone. Each of these missions brought me 2 points. It's 7 points in total. Well, at least something nice.

The total result after these 3 rounds is 15:8.
That day we started to play way more later than intended, so we had to finish up. I admitted my defeat and we said goodbye to each other until the next gathering. Still, I'm pretty sure that I will gain a victory the next time.

(This report is translated 2 month later and we already had rematch. I've lost again but this time final count was 22:23. Later i've played against other friend and won him 16:15. So even 1 point matters)
Why i have lost
First of all, it's because of bad rolls, for sure. Sounds like a self-excuse, but still it's true.

Secondly, it was because of the wrong positioning. I placed my three characters (the archers and the cleric) in sight of the enemy's wizard, and, you know, he was built to kill.

Third, it was a mistake to leave the paladin without attention. He was standing all the game in the middle and gained a great deal of points. Yes, perhaps, it wouldn't be easy to kill him, but at least I could have tried to fight the middle off.

Fourth, I forgot that the bard can give rerolls to allies as an immediate action. It could have saved my cleric's life and could have negated the ranger's stunned condition. I just didn't remember it.

And fifth, I had chosen the wrong spells. For example, the bard has a spell which increases the DC of his spells by 1, and I needed this 1 when the enemy's Psychic was trying to resist the bard's Hold Person. In place of this I used something useless, I don't even remember what was that.
Hope you enjoyed.

If you want to leave feedback, please contact me via Telegram @pakariok

We were putting down missions, HP, capture prerequisites and the abilities of points on a laptop. Still, actually I think that it would be more convenient to make notes in a notebook.

We were putting down missions, HP, capture prerequisites and the abilities of points on a laptop. Still, actually I think that it would be more convenient to make notes on physical paper.
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